Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cannot Uninstall It in Normal Way

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Do you know how to uninstall McAfee Security Scan Plus when it doesn’t work? Sometime, you might restore your operating system to get rid of some system errors. And you might find McAfee Security Scan Plus was broken. You couldn’t use it any more unless you reinstalled it. Unfortunately, you have failed to do that because it was corrupted. McAfee Security Scan Plus, and its predecessor McAfee Security Scan, are free diagnostic tools for your PC that allows you to simply and easily check your anti-virus software, firewall protection, and web security status on your computer. Have you ever been frustrated that you couldn’t remove McAfee Security Scan Plus due to there is no uninstallation option in the program list of “Add or Remove Programs”? In fact, there are two ways to completely uninstall McAfee Security Scan Plus from your computer. You can learn them as follow.

Firstly, you can delete McAfee Security Scan Plus in Normal way if it works well and you don’t want to use it any more. So, its removal instructions are below:

Only Windows administrator can uninstall McAfee Security Scan Plus using “Add/Remove program”” in the Control Panel.

1.     In Windows XP

2.     Click “Start” > Control Panel

3.     Double-click “Add or Remove Programs

4.     Select McAfee Security Scan Plus

5.     Click Remove and follow the procedures onscreen.

6.     In Windows Vista or Windows 7

7.     Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

8.     Double-click Programs and Features, and find McAfee Security Scan Plus

9.     Click “Uninstall” option to follow the procedures provided.

Finally, you will find McAfee Security Scan Plus is gone. However, if it was broken, the operation above could not be successful.

Secondly, how to completely remove McAfee Security Scan Plus as it cannot be removed by using normal way?

You should try to use the uninstall tool which is made to fix the uninstall problems. Perfect Uninstaller can help you fully and easily uninstall any unwanted programs or toolbars from your computer. McAfee Security Scan Plus should be easily identified as a small icon on its display list. Then, all you have to do is to click on the icon to activate a complete McAfee Security Scan Plus removal processes.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Uninstall errors?

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 Uninstall errors may turn from the day you started to use your pc to install and remove  programs. For fixing the uninstall errors and  remove the programs you don’t use any more from your computer permanently. generally, you will  use the Add or Remove Programs. You are supposed to uninstall the programs completely.But sometimes the machine will make errors and uninstalls fail because the programs are not designed to be removed.

What uninstall errors may turn out?

"The program can not be found";"Still in use" ; "The application is being protected and you cannot delete it" and other error messages telling that you are not able to do removal in this way.

What may arise these uninstall errors?

The missing DLL file may produce uninstall errors

 Sometimes that you don’t install or uninstall software properly will cause its DLL files  damaged or corrupted. The DLL files that are needed during the uninstalling can not be found when you try to uninstall that program.

The corrupted registry information can make remove errors

 Uninstalling a program will require the instructions from your Windows registry that should have been part of the package stored in Windows Registry to tell the machine how to execute the removal of the program.  If the Windows registry is corrupt or broken, the program may not be able to find the appropriate directions to perform the removal, which causes an uninstall error.

The corrupted or not compatible uninstall files are probable the reasons of the uninstall errors

The version of the software is updated frequently and the uninstall files may be broken or imcompatible with the new version program, which may result in the uninstall error.

How to entirely fix uninstall errors:

Method 1: Usually, the simplest method is to reinstall the software you’re trying to uninstall. Reinstalling and uninstalling  it again may work most of the time because the reinstallation can reset the uninstall instructions so that the normal uninstall files can replace the corrupted ones.

Method 2: Repair your Windows registry. You may use a reliable registry tool, such as Registryeasy. And you can do it manually but with risks of corrupting the entire registry system or just freezing-up. Learn how to do the registry editing.

Method 3:Use the System Restore to repair your system if you want to make things simple.

Method 4: If your computer has been infected by viruses, scanning and removing the infections before you perform the uninstall, because they are mainly the cause of errors.

How to automatically fix delete errors:

Perfect Uninstaller is a reliable tool to do effective removal of any programs including that are with corrupted uninstall files. It can fix the errors itself and complete the uninstall independently.
If you find out the program you want to uninstall  is still in your system, you should check your version of Perfect Uninstaller is updated or not. Please always keep your version the latest by clicking the update icon, which is very easy, in order that you can have an effective removal to more and more new stuck programs.

How Can You Remove Your Computer Secret Program?

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Who want to uninstall an useless application? Share Secrets With That Special Someone! Send him/her a secret file or message. Make your secret video, audio or image invisible for others. Our Secret lets you hide text files or files such as video, audio, image and others in file. It is designed to hide and send your sensitive files or messages.

How to remove your Secret with its uninstaller?

1. Exit Our Secret before you uninstall it. Right click on the icon of Our Secret and select Exit.

2.  Click on the Start button and then select All Programs. Choose the Our Secret installation directory on the Start menu.

3.   Click on the Our Secret and choose Uninstall Our Secret.

4.  Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal.
Is uninstalling Our Secret simple for you? However, this is not the perfect or the simplest method yet. Some related folders and files, and some registry entries were not uninstalled during the removal. And these leftovers will bring you trouble in the future if you cannot get rid of them completely. Hence, it is highly recommended users to use a reliable uninstall tool. Perfect Uninstaller is one of the most excellent uninstall tool and it would uninstall Our Secret entirely for you.

A very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that they can force delete these hidden applications. Click here to use this tool to uninstall Kensington MouseWorks Software and any unwanted programs, and you will see how this tool meets your satisfaction.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Uninstall Nero 7?

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Nero 7 is an awesome trouble maker since many vista users are in trouble uninstalling or removing it to reinstall a older or newer version.

How to delete a part-installed or corrupted Nero 7?

First, we can go with another tool from Nero family–Nero Clean Tool.

1. Download Nero Clean Tool from the web and double click to unzip the EXE-file to start the Clean Tool.

2. Activate the checkboxes in the displayed Nero version. Then click the “Clean” button. A status window will open. The process of the tool may take several minutes.

3. Wait a moment until the whole process complete. 4. In the window “Nero General Clean Tool” click the “Exit” button as soon as the erasing procedure is completed.

5. Restart computer. 

IF it still helps nothing, we go with Perfect Uninstaller, which can easily force uninstall a corrupted product without leaving registry or files related.

1. Download and install Perfect Uninstaller within 2 minutes from 

2. Get a serial number for Perfect Uninstaller.

3. Exit the Nero process, navigate to the directory where you install Nero7 in hard drive,right click the folder to select “Force Uninstall” to start.

4. Follow the pop-up and click the “Next” to the end within 2 minutes, reboot your PC and everything about Nero 7 on your PC is gone.

How to uninstall Postage Saver quickly and effectively If You Cannot Removal It Yourself?

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Have ever tried to uninstall Postage Saver from your computer, but you can’t get success? If Postage Saver is not corrupted, it is a very good tool for you to use it. However, if it is broken or outdated, it becomes rubbish on your computer and it just eats up your sources. The frustrated messages pop up again and again. Anyway, to avoid this problems happening, you need to learn how to fully uninstall Postage Saver from your computer.

There are two way to delete Postage Saver: Manual removal or Automatic removal

How to manually delete Postage Saver you’re your pc?

Most of users will try to get rid of Postage Saver by using the removal function of Control Panel. However, if it is not available, you need to remove it by manual.

Click “Start” menu, and you should click “Run” option. Next, you need to type “regedit” to go into the interface of Registry editor. And then, you search and find all related Postage Saver registry entries. Right-click to delete them carefully.



Warning: If you can not follow the Postage Saver removal instructions above and there is any small mistakes occurring during uninstalling the program, you can not remove it successfully. And your Operating System might be damaged and you have to reinstall your Windows. Thus, it is highly risky for most of users to handle the manual removal procedures. You’d better try another effective and safe way to delete Postage Saver.


Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Entirely Delete Nitro PDF when it does not work well?

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Do you want to forcibly uninstall or remove Nitro PDF from Windows? Do you need to delete Nitro PDF version 6 before installing Nitro PDF version 7? Few months back, Simon installed Nitro PDF to use it with the Word 2007 but he didn’t get it much useful. It also started crashing the Word. Now he is trying to uninstall or remove it but it won’t get it done.
What is Nitro PDF?

Nitro PDF Professional is known as the complete Adobe Acrobat alternative, which enables you to do more with PDF involving powerful tools to create, convert, edit, and combine standard PDF files. If, for any reasons, you want to uninstall Nitro PDF Reader, the following is most possible steps you can take.
Uninstall the Nitro PDF Professional the common ways

1In Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons.
2Click the Nitro PDF Professional, and then click Uninstall.

3For Windows XP/Vista/7
4Go to Windows > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features.

5Select Nitro PDF Professional and click Remove.
6Click “Yes” when the setup window popped up.

Follow the on screen steps to complete the uninstall process.

If uninstalling it from control panel goes through the motions but doesn’t remove anything, chances are you are getting a box that pops up saying that “the file is being used by another program try shutting this program down before deleting this file” or something to that effect. This means that the file has attached to another running process on the pc. In this regard, you should hit control-alt-delete and go to the processes tab. Then, locate the Nitro PDF executable file in the running processes list. Right click on it and click “end process”. Go back to the folder and you should be able to continue the deleting.

If the Nitro PDF Reader is still there and functional, you need to resort to a more powerful uninstaller program which enables the uninstall process automatically started with the program icon or the directory in the hard drive. It is advised to try Perfect Uninstaller. With Perfect Uninstaller running on your computer, all you need to do to remove a program is a right click to select “Uninstall with PU”. In this way, Nitro PDF Reader can be fully taken off by users who are operating Windows systems of any version!

How to Delete Samsung computer Studio for free as it can not remove it normally?

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Would you like to delete Samsung PC Studio from your computer?
Do you want to delete Samsung PC Studio when you would like to use the previous version of the program? In fact, there are many removal guides on the internet. But most of them are useless. To fix the problem, you need to carefully follow the uninstall guides in this article.

Samsung PC Studio is a Windows-based PC program package that you can use easily to manage personal data and Multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) to your PC.
When the Samsung PC Studio starts to suck itself while you are working with it, it will be pointless let it stay on your computer.

1、Click on ‘My Computer’ and then delete folders of Samsung PC Studio manually from the below directories:
2、C:\Program Files\Samsung PC Studio

3、C:\Program Files\Common Files\Samsung PC Studio

4、Once these have been deleted, you should remove them from your recycle bin and restart your computer.

To get this done differently, you can take these ways if possible.

Make hidden files and hidden folder visible.

5、Start>My Documents>Tools>Folder Options>View>Advance settings>Hidden files and folders>Show hidden files and folders>OK
6、Click Start, and then click Run.

7、In the Open box, type “%windir%\Samsung PC Studio\spuninst\spuninst.exe”, and then click OK.
8、Follow the wizard instructions to uninstall Samsung PC Studio.

Sometimes you have to remove Samsung PC Studio because it is not operating properly such as updating problems, or maybe it won’t open at all and needs to be reinstalled. Whatever your reason may be, for removing Samsung PC Studio, I have Perfect Uninstaller as the most powerful uninstaller program. A fully authorized program will locate and list all the normal or add-on programs installed on your computer so that you can directly select the unwanted one like Bandicam to be removed. With Perfect Uninstaller installed on your system, you also can right click on the Samsung PC Studio icon to select the uninstall option provided by Perfect Uninstaller. Whatever the way you are choosing, Perfect Uninstaller will work you through hard drive and registry to totally get Samsung PC Studio off your computer!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Uninstall GoBox Entirely?

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Go Box enjoys a large amount of customers all over the world. This browser toolbar has been widely used as it can bring great convenience for browsing websites and surfing the internet. I have noticed that some GoBox users are finding way to uninstall the toolbar for various reasons. If you are one of those users, this article would help you uninstall it completely and quickly.

Some toolbars will slow down or hinder browser if they are not uninstall completely or correctly. The same is Go Box. At least you should know how to use windows add/remove programs to remove GoBox, though it is not the best solution.

For windows 7

Click Start menu – open Control Panel – double-click System and Security – click programs on the lift side – find out Programs and Features and click uninstall a program blow it – find out Go Box in the list and highlight it – click on Uninstall button

For windows Vista

Click on Start – go to Control Panel – click Uninstall a programs under Programs (home view)/ double-click Programs and Features (classical view) – the following steps to uninstall GoBox are the same as windows 7

For windows XP

Go to Control Panel and use Add/remove programs

However, GoBox may not exit in the list that show all the programs installed on your PC. In such case, how should you remove GoBox?

You can download an uninstaller program to solve the problem easily. Another reason why so many users prefer an uninstaller program is that any unwanted programs can be uninstalled completely including registry keys.

Do you want to uninstall GoBox with an award uninstaller tool? You can find a popular uninstaller program either with search engine or from a friend. Here we recommend you first to learn more about an awarded one called PerfectUninstaller.

Can You Uninstall and Remove FLV-Media Player Entirely?

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FLV Player makes it easy to play FLV Format video files downloaded from YouTue or other popular sites. This upgrade to the world’s most popular FLV Player plays more formats in higher quality. FLV Player will be 100% free forever.

If you see this FLV Player is somehow irrelevant to the video files on your computer, there must be things incompatible with your system. To work it out, a total removal is necessary.

1.     If you have opened FLV Player, please exit the player first.

2.     Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel.

3.      Click Programs and then Programs and Features.

4.       Select FLV and Media Player in the list of currently installed programs.

5.        Click Uninstall at the top of the window.

6.         In the FLV and Media Player Uninstall Wizard, click Next.

7.         Click Uninstall. If you want to remove your personal data and setting in FLV Player, you should check the box that says “Remove my FLV Player personal data”.

8.                  Click Finish.

In addition, the FLV and Media Player uninstaller can be acquired with steps below.

1.  Click Start, and then click All Programs.

2.  Choose FLV and Media Player and then highlight Uninstall FLV and Media Player.

3.   Click Remove button in the dialog box as follow:

4.    Click “Yes” in the next dialog box.

5.     Wait for the removal to finish and then click Finish to end the process.

So, if you are looking for solutions to delete FLV -Media Player, the Perfect Uninstaller could be a good option for you. Before manually uninstalling programs from the computer, I would recommend downloading this powerful program removal software as it will be able to get rid of all components of the unwanted programs like Ashampoo Burning Studio completely.

1.     Download and install Perfect Uninstaller.

2.     Run it, and then highlight FLV and Media Player on the list of currently installed programs.

3.      Click Uninstall below and then continue the uninstalling with the prompts.

4.  Within few minute, you can completely uninstall FLV and Media Player from your computer.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can You Delete Unregistered HyperCam 2?

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HyperCam captures the action and sound from any part of Windows desktop and saves it to standard AVI movie files. Captures cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up, and everything else you see on the screen. Correctly handles color palette changes if recording in 256 color mode. Allow you to pan the recorded area around the screen. Optionally annotates recorded movies with text.

If the Hyper Cam isn’t able to preserve the right thing for you, it makes no sense to let it work further on your computer.

1. Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel.

2.   Click on the programs option.

3.    Choose Uninstall a program. Then computer will spend a minute or two to compile a list of programs installed on your computer.

4.   Scroll through the list until you find HyperCam.

5.   Click on the HyperCam and then select Uninstall. Or you can simply double click on the HyperCam and then a User Account Control window will open asking permission to continue with removing the program.

6.                Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal.

7.                Restart your computer if necessary.

It is never too late to deploy the packed uninstaller of HyperCam instead.

1.                Click Start, and then click All Programs.

2.                Click the HyperCam.

3.                Click Uninstall or Uninstall Software, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Use the following information to determine which option to choose when you remove the software.

Comparing these two HyperCamremoval approaches, you can find that it is more convenient and safer to uninstall it with a Perfect Uninstaller. In this way, it helps not only ensure the complete program uninstall, but also maintain your system stability. A Perfect uninstaller will not only help you delete unwanted HyperCam but also help you tweak your registry. If you ever have another program that you want to get rid of such as Digital Talking Parrot you can just remove it using the same instructions you used to uninstall HyperCam.