Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Do You Successfully Remove K7 Total Security?

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K7 Total Security safeguards your computer and network from newly emerging internet security threats such as email borne viruses, worms, Trojans, spywares, adware, unwanted spam emails, key loggers and much more. This trusted 6-in-1 internet security site comprises of Anti-virus software protects your pc from email borne potential virus attacks, recognizes and controls unwanted emails flooding your inbox, prevents unwanted programs being installed in your computer without your authentication, acts as a parental control software and System monitor, stops unwanted programs slowing down the performance of the system and detects/notifies if there are any unauthorized changes made to the computer security settings.

The bottom line is that an outdated K7 Total Security will be of use and should be dropping for that.

1. Disable all security programs.

2.  Click on the Start button and then choose Run. In the dialog box, type K7 Total Security/uninstall, and press OK.

3.   A warning will appear. If you are sure you don’t need this program anymore, click on the Run button to start the removal.

4.    When the removal finishes, delete the K7 Total Security.exe program from your computer manually.

5.    Restart your computer.

For this purpose, you may put the removal process in other direction.

1.   Open the task manager to close every current application.

2.  Click Start and then click on the Control Panel tab.

3. Choose Add or Remove Programs.

4.Select the Change or Remove Programs tab.

5.   Find the K7 Total Security in the list of installed programs, and then choose Remove.

6.     Reboot your computer.

Despite the fact that K7 Total Security itself offers a removal tool, many users find it a hassle and it sometimes crashes too. Whilst, the Perfect Uninstaller does not only delete the K7 Total Security completely, it is also being used by computer users all over the world to remove and uninstall software such as AVG Secure Search they no longer want on their computer.

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