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How to Removal Picasa –Deleting Picasa Help

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Picasa is free photo editing software that helps you manage and share photos and videos. It provides a do-it-all solution for any version of Windows computer. If you already have uploaded photos to an under-performing program, installing Picasa will instantly and automatically find and organize those and any photos on your hard drive as required. If you just plug in a camera, phone or memory card and Picasa will automatically recognize the device and help you import those pictures and videos, too. If you unfortunately have to uninstall Picasa, a freeware photo editing program that is made by Google, you are going to have a big headache.

Like the removal other photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, uninstalling Picasa is not easy as you might be at the risk of losing all of your photos and your saved database.

To get rid of Picasa:
1. Back up all data that it saved.
2. Click on the ‘Start’ menu and find the ‘Picasa’.
3. Once highlighted you will see a button that simply reads ‘Uninstall.’
4. Follow the instructions until it asks you if you would like to remove the database. If you select yes then you will lose all of your unsaved edits.
5. When windows has completed uninstall, reboot your system.

If that has not removed the entire Picasa program files, you will be taken off right where you left off if you reinstall the software in the future.

To remove the Picasa permanently you must:
1. Open the finder and navigate to (username) ‘Library.’
2. Double click the ‘Application Support,’ then the ‘Google’ icon.
3. Inside this you will see the ‘Picasa 3′ folder. Go inside and find the file named ‘db3.’
4. Delete this file.

If you are still seeing signs of the Picasa software lying around your computer you might need to enter the system registry and remove the files manually. But it is not recommended to do this as you could end up completely ruining your computer and causing a lot more problems when you delete the wrong file path. If you don’t know your way around your system then you need either a professional to do it all for you, or download program uninstaller.

Using Software Uninstaller to Remove Picasa
A good program uninstaller such as
Perfect Uninstaller is able to delete all traces of the Picasa from hard drive of computer and system registry. If you have conducted your research then you will certainly be aware of the Perfect Uninstaller that has been able to locate all of the files and folders and then force remove G-Data Total Care.

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