Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can You Uninstall and Remove FLV-Media Player Entirely?

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FLV Player makes it easy to play FLV Format video files downloaded from YouTue or other popular sites. This upgrade to the world’s most popular FLV Player plays more formats in higher quality. FLV Player will be 100% free forever.

If you see this FLV Player is somehow irrelevant to the video files on your computer, there must be things incompatible with your system. To work it out, a total removal is necessary.

1.     If you have opened FLV Player, please exit the player first.

2.     Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel.

3.      Click Programs and then Programs and Features.

4.       Select FLV and Media Player in the list of currently installed programs.

5.        Click Uninstall at the top of the window.

6.         In the FLV and Media Player Uninstall Wizard, click Next.

7.         Click Uninstall. If you want to remove your personal data and setting in FLV Player, you should check the box that says “Remove my FLV Player personal data”.

8.                  Click Finish.

In addition, the FLV and Media Player uninstaller can be acquired with steps below.

1.  Click Start, and then click All Programs.

2.  Choose FLV and Media Player and then highlight Uninstall FLV and Media Player.

3.   Click Remove button in the dialog box as follow:

4.    Click “Yes” in the next dialog box.

5.     Wait for the removal to finish and then click Finish to end the process.

So, if you are looking for solutions to delete FLV -Media Player, the Perfect Uninstaller could be a good option for you. Before manually uninstalling programs from the computer, I would recommend downloading this powerful program removal software as it will be able to get rid of all components of the unwanted programs like Ashampoo Burning Studio completely.

1.     Download and install Perfect Uninstaller.

2.     Run it, and then highlight FLV and Media Player on the list of currently installed programs.

3.      Click Uninstall below and then continue the uninstalling with the prompts.

4.  Within few minute, you can completely uninstall FLV and Media Player from your computer.


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