Monday, June 9, 2014

How to uninstall JW Video Player for free as it can’t remove completely?

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Are you strongly desirous to uninstall JW Video Player from your computer as it brings trouble to you?

Do you have any idea that you can uninstall JW Video Player completely by your computer? If not, you can follow the removal tips on this article and lean some effective methods to deal with this problem

JW Video Player is an Internet TV software that you can find what you want to watch easily. By its rich resources become more and more popular.

When JW Video Player was started to use, some pointless information started to suck in your computer and stayed in your computer steadily.

1、Click on “My computer” and then delete folders of ShowTime manually refer to the following steps:

2、C:\program Files\ JW Video Player

3、C:\Program Files\Common Files\ JW Video Player

Once these have been deleted, you should remove them from your recycle bin and restart your computer.

To get this done differently, you can take this ways if possible.

Make hidden files and hidden folder visible.

Start>My document>Tools>Folder Options>View>Advance setting>Hidden files and folders>Show hidden files and folders>OK
Click start, and then click Run

In the open box, type “JW Video Player \PPSAP.exe”, and then click OK.

Follow the wizard instructions to uninstall JW Video Player

Sometimes you have to remove JW Video Player because its operating improperly such as its automatic updates that you are unwanted, or just sometimes you don’t need it but it pops up automatically that makes your computer slowly, sometimes it may keep some rubbish information in your computer. Whatever the reason is, for moving JW Video Player, I have Perfect Uninstaller as the most powerful uninstall program. A fully authorized program will locate and list all the normal or add-on program installed on your computer so that you can directly select the unwanted one to remove.
 With perfect uninstaller installed on your computer, you also can right click on JW Video Player to select the uninstall option provided by Perfect Uninstaller. Whatever the ways you are choosing, Perfect Uninstaller will help you uninstall the software you are unwanted totally from your computer.Perfect Uninstall  service for you.

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