Monday, June 16, 2014

What can you do to the installed programs do not work?

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What can you do to thedeleted programs do not work? Some program installed OK but now it’s not running. After all efforts have been done, you have to remove it and reinstall it. Sometimes you will be in troubles when you try to remove it completely in system, which makes the second installation fail. Well, hopefully these ideas can help.

First, what you can do to the installed programs do not work  is to try Add or Remove programs .
If a program isn’t running after you first install it, try Add or Remove programs to check whether it is in the list. If it is there, reboot and often, that’s all to activate its running. Still do not work?

What you can do to the installed programs do not work  is to find out why if the first method doing nothing.
>Program Conflicts
The most common reason for a program not running is that it is conflicted with the installed ones. Shut down any non-system programs running and give it another try. If you are still in troubles, you may have something else running in the background and causing interference. Open the task windows and shut down everything but Explorer and Systray. It is supposed to be careful to do this. If it works and you figure out the program causing the problem, you can reset it so it won’t automatically run when you start your computer.
>Installation files are corrupted
If you can find the software installed in application list, it is probable the installation files are corrupted or problems during the installation. You may re-
download and re-install it. But do uninstall the application first.

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