Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Uninstall errors?

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 Uninstall errors may turn from the day you started to use your pc to install and remove  programs. For fixing the uninstall errors and  remove the programs you don’t use any more from your computer permanently. generally, you will  use the Add or Remove Programs. You are supposed to uninstall the programs completely.But sometimes the machine will make errors and uninstalls fail because the programs are not designed to be removed.

What uninstall errors may turn out?

"The program can not be found";"Still in use" ; "The application is being protected and you cannot delete it" and other error messages telling that you are not able to do removal in this way.

What may arise these uninstall errors?

The missing DLL file may produce uninstall errors

 Sometimes that you don’t install or uninstall software properly will cause its DLL files  damaged or corrupted. The DLL files that are needed during the uninstalling can not be found when you try to uninstall that program.

The corrupted registry information can make remove errors

 Uninstalling a program will require the instructions from your Windows registry that should have been part of the package stored in Windows Registry to tell the machine how to execute the removal of the program.  If the Windows registry is corrupt or broken, the program may not be able to find the appropriate directions to perform the removal, which causes an uninstall error.

The corrupted or not compatible uninstall files are probable the reasons of the uninstall errors

The version of the software is updated frequently and the uninstall files may be broken or imcompatible with the new version program, which may result in the uninstall error.

How to entirely fix uninstall errors:

Method 1: Usually, the simplest method is to reinstall the software you’re trying to uninstall. Reinstalling and uninstalling  it again may work most of the time because the reinstallation can reset the uninstall instructions so that the normal uninstall files can replace the corrupted ones.

Method 2: Repair your Windows registry. You may use a reliable registry tool, such as Registryeasy. And you can do it manually but with risks of corrupting the entire registry system or just freezing-up. Learn how to do the registry editing.

Method 3:Use the System Restore to repair your system if you want to make things simple.

Method 4: If your computer has been infected by viruses, scanning and removing the infections before you perform the uninstall, because they are mainly the cause of errors.

How to automatically fix delete errors:

Perfect Uninstaller is a reliable tool to do effective removal of any programs including that are with corrupted uninstall files. It can fix the errors itself and complete the uninstall independently.
If you find out the program you want to uninstall  is still in your system, you should check your version of Perfect Uninstaller is updated or not. Please always keep your version the latest by clicking the update icon, which is very easy, in order that you can have an effective removal to more and more new stuck programs.

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